Keeping Up With The Jones'

I’m actually an “Anderson”, but the well known pharase surely fits me right now :stuck_out_tongue: Between work life, home life, & diabetes management which we all know entails exercise & good food choices - life is feeling a bit Go-Go-Go :slight_smile:

The hubby has the mentality that he’ll slow down when he is dead LOL We keep busy with festivals, road trip, kids a visiting, yada - yada. This weekend is the MN State Fair, next weekend is Labor Day activities, & the months continue on. I enjoy exploring the culture around us, & hanging with friends; however, taking time to actually smell the roses around us sounds very inviting. Hubby & I also discussed how society in the United States is always bustling & other areas like Europe seem to take in their surroundings more. I dreamt about living in Spain & think it would be oh so neat. Maybe then I would focus more on healing me?

Oh boy, I am rambling now.

I am healthy & in good spirits. Although, I also know that I have stuff from childhood to deal with that leads to actually feeling my feelings & not reaching out for the no-nos (chocoloate, etc.). Honestly, I have it down to a science on how much I am allowed & I don’t over do it, but it all affects ya. Overall, my food intake is pretty good. Of course, there is always better & best which I believe would help assist me in being more focused than scattered here & there. Then again, my job is choas & I continually multi-task …

Last weekend I had traveled west & north to Minto, ND to visit family. My aunt gave me a book to read from Prevention magazine about balancing sugars. Here’s my goal - to read the book in a couple weeks and hopefully apply some of the recommendations.

Positve Thinking!