Keeping Your D-Stuff Warm?

The weather in these parts has been below freezing, and I’m wondering what techniques you have for keeping your glucometer, strips, insulin, etc. in the correct temperature range while out cycling. Jersey pockets seem to leave everything a little too close to exposed-to-the-elements (even on winter jerseys), but most cycling clothes don’t have anything like an inside breast pocket or such to shove meter and strips, and chemical warmers are likely to overheat the equipment, supplies, and/or medications.

I don’t have the same problem. See when it is below 40 degrees, I hook the bike to a trainer in my basement. Of course that makes bike commutes to the store a tad longer…

I keep my pump in a radio pocket in bib shorts/tights.

But that puts it right against my skin and sometimes it is too much heat, even in the winter. But it is better than flapping in a cold jersey pocket.


I’d been thinking about trying a bib, but women’s bibs are hard to find and seem to come only in short-legged varieties. That may be in part because bibs are more difficult for women to manage on “natural breaks”. As a non-insulin-dependent Type 2, my big issue is the glucometer and strips. Yesterday I put them in the zipper pocket of the fleeced jersey I wore under my cycling jacket, which is not exactly the most accessible spot when I’m out on errands – particularly when my intended purchases must be transported home in a daypack.

I’m pretty sure most glucometers are going to function correctly down to 20 degrees or less. I keep spares in various places including glove boxes, and they’ll work fine in real cold environments.

The issue is going to be having the battery drain fast in the cold, and have the display function. If it doesn’t function at first try, just warm in your hands, blow on it, etc.

I’ve kept a Dex CGM monitor in a front/thigh pocket in courier knickers for hours at sub freezing temps, and it worked fine. My Blackberry fails before it does. It’s not a glucose meter like you reference, but most of the electronics are the same.