Kelsey the Pastry Chef

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Yesterday’s conversation with Kelsey was about what schools to go to in order to become a Chef and then on to being a Pastry Chef. She has discussed this for many years and it’s where her passion lies. We have been positive and will continue to be so. We will support her through the process all the way, but does anyone else find it odd? It’s strange to me, but then I have to question myself. Why do I find it odd that my daughter wants to be a Chef? I mean, it’s not like diabetics don’t eat… In the back of my mind I keep hearing my old Weight Watchers leader reminding me to “Stay away from those BLT’s.” Bites, licks and tastes. How in the heck is she going to be a good chef if she doesn’t taste her food? How is she going to manage her blood sugar levels if all she does is taste her food. As I write this I realize how silly my worries are. I guess I have to have faith. (There’s that dang word again, Faith.) I should be, no I am, pleased that she has found something that she enjoys and feels like it’s what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She is a determined person, I know she will make it work. And Mike and I will be there to cheer her on the whole way, however I might have a strange look on my face still trying to figure out why I think the whole thing is odd.

Renata, I’m known on the web as The Diabetic Pastry Chef. While attending culinary school to become a pastry chef, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I did not let this deter me. I developed a baking formula for diabetics, that would allow diabetics to take most any recipe and turn it into a diabetic-friendly version that will taste great. I have just published a book that shares my formula. I made my career work for me. Kelsey can find a way to make it work for her. She may want to work at a spa or for a company like Weight Watchers, who knows. She may even decide to work for a traditional restaurant. You’re right, if she’s deternined, she can somehow make it work. Good luck to her.

Thank you so much for writing me. I already sent Kelsey the link to your site.