Ketogenic Diet

Hi all,

I'm interested in finding out more about a ketogenic diet. I am wondering if there are any type 1's out there that eat VERY low carb (0-20)? What are some example breakfasts/lunches/dinners? What if any supplements do you take? Do you exercise while eating so low carb?


I am T1 and target less than 20 gr of carbs a day. Typical breakfast is 1 egg (scrambled or omelet with cream) and 2 pieces of bacon. Lunch 5 days a week is 1 cup lettuce with sliced mushrooms, jalapeno pepper, protein (chicken or beef) and salad dressing with no corn syrup fructose sweetener or sugar. Dinner last night was a homemade chicken curry made with cottage cheese, coconut milk and other stuff from a recipe sourced through Dr. Eric Westman's pamphlet "A Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Manual." Night before dinner was a mushroom and crab soup from same source that was terrific.

I do not exercise, nor do I take any supplements.


I follow a very low carb regimen. Get Dr Richard K Bernstein's book 'Diabetes Solutions' as well as his other book which has mostly recipes.

For breakfast I had 4 oz of home made yoghurt and a cup of tea.
For lunch I had 6 oz of a curry quiche with venison sausage and 8 oz cooked kale.
I'll eat 2 oz of hard cheese (Piave vecchio today) in the mid-afternoon.
For dinner last night I had 6 oz of curry quiche, a green salad with feta, oil & vinegar, and fried (in a wok) cabbage with a Vietnamese fermented soy curd condiment called chao.

I do exercise, and it took a couple of weeks to dial in how much of my basal (I'm on a pump) to cut back.

What you eat (and how much) will depend on your weight, your insulin sensitivity, your carb sensitivity and your activity level.

A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast: 2 eggs and lots of coffee with cream

Lunch: a nice hefty salad with olive oil and some protein on top (usually a scoop of tuna and a handful of nuts and some avocado)

Dinner: usually a nice big omelet or another salad or occasionally a nice piece of meat with some greens. But my BS has issues with large amounts of meat protein.

In a nutshell...I usually stick to these foods and I am somewhat free about them:

-low carb veggies (peppers, cuccumbers, mushrooms, etc.)
-cold cuts
-coffee (suspicious about this though, as I feel it is keeping me from losing weight somehow)

Hope this helps.

Ditto on Dr B's Diabetes Solution. It's kind of the bible for this type of diabetes diet, and he provides a ton of other very thorough information.

I think Dr B recommends about 30g per day. The main thing for me was/is to avoid all the simple carbs and food with a lot of carbs. After that everything goes in line. By following his diet, one is keeping the carbs really low and to me it wouldn't matter much if I had 15 or 35g on a particular day (as long as I'm not on the high end daily). The gains will be there.

Again, Dr Bernstein's book goes into incredible detail on how to do it. And you can also search "dr bernstein" or "low carb" and sift through old discussions here. It comes up pretty often.