Ketogenic diet


Exercising at a specific heart rate will use more fat metabolism than muscle glycogen. It also won’t cause as much of a drop in your blood sugar.

The downside is that it won’t result in as much cardiac fitness.

The heart rate is aerobic. There is s formula that tells you approximately what it should be for you, based on age and fitness. I can give it to you if you are interested.


Figuring I have a lead cardiologist and a lead endocrinologist who also has Type 1 Diabetes agree that long term use of this can 1)cause DKA, 2)keto causes muscle damage which includes the heart muscle, and 3) have recently ran into a bunch of people who have had the same issues as I have it’s more common than you think. It’s one thing for a non-Diabetic to do keto (still don’t recommend it as I’m also a sports nutritionist) but over time too much weight loss by keto can do more harm than damage.


I bet he didn’t show you any trials or evidence to show this and you didn’t do much reading on it…, But keto isn’t compulsory, eat how you want to.


K, you do what works for you, and I’ll do what works for me (and many others). We all make choices about our healthcare and diet on a daily basis.

As a biologist with a PhD, I’d love to know the mechanism of “keto causes muscle damage which includes the heart muscle…” That sort of blanket, unsourced claim is dangerous, unscientific, and (at least in my educated opinion) total garbage.


I started Keto diet a week ago and am loving it. Losing 0.3-0.5 lbs per day on about 1650 calories per day. I weighed 160 when I started. Munchies are totally gone. I am “normal” hungry at meal times, but by no means starving. My BGs are incredibly good. I am able to stay below 130 most of the time. Occasional peaks around 150 if I miss on bolus amount, but I’m improving on that. I eat a 1/4 cup of nuts for morning and afternoon snacks to try to meet fat consumption. Plus is a nice snack. I used to be constantly snacking on cookies, chips etc. I do eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate each day for a treat. Only 6 carbs

Eating approx, 6% carbs, 16% protein and 78% fats. Translates to carbs: 25 / 68 / 138. Lots of olive, avocados, and nuts. Basically try to eat no carbs and then double grams of fat over protein for meals. Carbs come alon naturallly with nuts, cheese, etc. For breakfast, I eat a protein shake with with 2 Tbsp chia seeds and 1 Tbsp olive oil to get started against the high fat gram quota.

My Endocronologist will be quite happy with weight and BG control. Historically my A1c has run between 7.1-7.8. Expecting 7.0 or lower next test.

I’m just getting started, but am seeing lots of good recipes.