Ketogenic diet


I am so happy that you were able to get off all of your blood pressure meds Jim! That is fantastic.


Jim, thank you! Wow. I’ve spent so much time wondering instead of asking! You’re answer is clear and concise. How did you determine your proper protein intake? Again, much much appreciation!


No, I don’t have kidney disease. I just submitted a urine sample this week and it was negative for protein. I don’t limit protein to protect my kidneys and just try to keep my protein consumption to a reasonable level. I weigh about 72 kg and try to get about 72 x 0.8 = 58 grams of protein/day.

Do you enforce a daily protein limit for the benefit of the kidneys? If I needed to do that, I would backfill the missing calories with fat, not carbs.

I think your fear of kidney disease is rational. It’s also something that can motivate you to take action to defend your kidney health. Sorry you’re forced to deal with this. Taking appropriate measures, however, is good for both the body and soul. Good luck with your fight for better health!


Thank you Terry. I am not only happy for you but your path is propelling mine! Let’s truck on for soul and body. I’m 130 lbs, 5 over what I like. So think I will look for the formula for protein amount in lbs. many thanks. Kim



I started with the “recommended” protein for a man my age and size (1 gram protein for every kg of body weight, or 0.45 g per pound). This is merely a guideline, and honestly doesn’t amount to much, so I tested. For several months. Lots of food tracking along with insulin required and BG levels.

The “guideline” for females is roughly 0.73 grams / kg body weight, or 0.33 grams of protein per pound of body weight (x’s 130lbs = 43 grams of protein).

If you’re eating meats, each type has a different estimated percentage of protein, but most range between 20-25 grams of protein per 100 grams of uncooked food.

As you approach your maximum (protein threshold), you’ll notice your body converting the excess protein to glucose, which generally spikes your blood sugar and then, after treating with insulin, tends to store that excess as more body fat. :open_mouth: So don’t overdo the protein. :grinning:


Jim! Your 130 example is me!:blush: I have read the in stage 2 CKF I can stay with what is normal for my weight. So that is about 6 oz protein a day. Lucky I have never been a big meat eater. Sugar was oddly high until this anoon. Tmrw a fresh start and tonight cabbage and onions for dinner w some avocado. Thank you sooooo very much. Here we go!!!


@Kimball1 I remember being gutted when I was diagnosed with kidney disease (1996). I asked the nephrologist how long it would be before I needed dialysis.

I was told it was up to me - cut the protein and salt and it could be anywhere from 4-10 years.

So here we are 23 years later; my “condition” is far far better now than it was then.

Don’t ever give up hope :blush:


Jim, This made me cry - with sadness for you in that difficult time; with awe at the gift of perseverance and hope. You are a shining light for me.

Long, long distance hug,