Ketones....? Acetone breath....?

This is one of the most frustrating things about my youngest sons’ diabetes!!! His breath smells like acetone…which should signal something isn’t right but…he hasn’t had any high HI’s for a long period of time, and he has trace to NO ketones. What is up with the breath??? Anyone else have this issue?

I don’t know why that would be. I would think if he has no ketones and his numbers are good that everything is okay. But I would be concerned too if I could still smell that acetone on the breath. I hope someone has some answers for you here. Personally, I would call my endo. John hasn’t had acetone breath since his initial DKA. Even when he has been high a few times (almost 500) he didn’t have it or ketones (or peetones as they are known in my house). I will be very interested to see what the other parents here have to say.

Neither one of my “d” sons have ever been in DKA…even at initial dx! D son #1 was 16 months and I caught it when his BG was 550. D son #2 was almost 21 at dx and he was DRIVING when I checked his BG and the meter read HI. He wouldn’t go to the hospital so when we finally “strong armed” him into going his BG was 700…but still no DKA!! I’ve heard horror stories about this happening more than once to people, but thank GOD and knock on wood that we have NOT been back to the hospital for any reason “D” related since the original dx for either son!!! “D” son #1 just turned 7 and his numbers are erratic…so hard to keep great…but they are OK. “D” son #2 turned 21 in Nov. and that kid is amazing. He doesn’t pay much attention to his “condition” but he takes his Lantus and VERY LITTLE novalog and his #s are usually in the 150 range.

Hi Julie,

I found that my daughter seemed to have this problem. I started giving her up to 2000mg of vitamin C (in an effort to avoid the flu), and found that not only did her A1C improve dramatically, but now I only smell that scent when she is actually high. I use Effer C vitamin drink from ‘Now’.

Julie :slight_smile:

Thank you Julie!!! I will try this!!! It freaks me out sometimes!!!

No problem, Vitamin ‘C’ is basically an antioxidant. It cleans the blood cells, thus, helping to remove the junk.
Good luck. :slight_smile: