Ketones: Any OTHER reason besides DM & Diet?

Hello all,

I’m back again. The girl that can’t get it together it seems. I hate to be the opposite of a fair weather friend (stormy weather Friend) and only come around when I need something but I thought I actually may have been on my way to being ok- It’s been a rollercoaster almost year.

Background for the ones that don’t know: I had gestational diabetes 3 years ago. 6-9 months after birth I started feeling the same feelings after I ate carbs or sugars like I did when I was pregnant. I soon after had completely new onset of migraines with aura with ocular migraines. Changes in my eyes (Tortuous) including new veins and eye pressure increases with optic nerve cupping. Also a pretty quick 35-40 lb weight loss.
Unfortunately my medical community has not been very welcoming with my suspicion of “returning Diabetes”. I’ve been literally told it was all in my head and offered Prozac not my requested bloodwork. Despite my family history of thalassemia which deforms bloodcells, I was told by a endocrinologist that wouldn’t have any bearing on my A1C which through my own research is terribly incorrect.

So I digress to my reason for my return: Long story long: I’ve had 2 iron infusions which helped immensely. My iron storage was 6. I started feeling a lot better. I even started being able to eat some previously black listed items in small quantities in moderation. Everything started looking up. Until about 3 months ago. The food issues started slowly inconsistently creeping in. Here and there, really no rhyme or reason unless I was eating something obviously terrible. I even gained a bit of weight back. Well about a month ago seems like things took a ramp up and I started having to cut back on any carbs items and of course sugars. Which I never had increased entirely anyways.

Anywho this brings me to almost 2 weeks ago.
I went to a friends out of town. That morning I woke up with a sore throat. Thought it was allergies we still left for our 3 hour ride. Arrived to friends feeling really run down. Headache. Still pushed through. Left the next morning with a fever and chills- I was sick. Headache was crazy. Called into work the next day (Monday). Stayed home. Craved garbage did actually give in and had some chips. Went home early Tuesday because of massive headache and just general malaise. Through the week I felt similar but main thing was headache progressively worsening. Wednesday I decided to check my BS after not eating for 3 hours- 140. Friday rolls around I managed to survive and came to my Husband having had picked up a pizza. Actually being hungry I decided to eat 1 piece. Regular size not huge- supreme pizza. About 30-45 minutes later it was like a garbage truck ran me over. It looked ”Smokey” in my house, I seen tracers with movement and my headache was almost unbearable. I just laid in the dark for about another hour after that trying to feel better and drink as much water as I could but my stomach was upset. I decided to check my blood sugar and Ketones. By this time it had been 2 hours since I had ate my 1 piece of surprene pizza: BS 168 and ketones were the the dark purple below the darkest so 80 (Ketostix).

So my question for you is there any other reason besides diabetes and low carb diets that I’d have ketones? And remember I’m not diabetic!

Thank you in advance!