Ketones: Dealing with them

“Ketones are formed when your body uses fat for energy; they are a byproduct of rapidly burned fat (or excessive fat burning) and in the case of diabetes, along with hyperglycemia, can build up in the bloodstream to dangerous levels if not corrected.” (from Islets of Hope)

Gina Capone has some good advice about dealing with ketones.

How do YOU personally deal with ketones?

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I honestly haven’t tested for keytones since the late 80’s. I’ve always figured that if my sugar is high, there may be keytones. So, I take my insulin and drink plenty of water to flush them out. What are your feelings on this?

I was told by Eric’s endocrinologist to always test for ketones if he’s above a certain level, because the presence of ketones could mean a need for additional insulin. But then, he’s just a little guy, don’t know if that’s OK for an adult. He always begs for water when he’s high, ketones or no ketones, so that’s par for the course.