Ketones in urine early sign of pregnancy

Yes I know ketones in urine is common for diabetics but not this diabetic! I’ve been blessed to be mostly ketone free unless my BG levels are pretty high at time of testing but in my latest round of tests I went in with BG levels 6.5 got an a1c of 6.6 but they found some ketones in my urine! (this was a fasting test also)
I have been wondering over the past few weeks if I am pregnant because we’ve been trying, I’ve been feeling nauseous and exhausted etc, but because I’m still nursing my 7 monthold I still haven’t got my period yet so it’s hard to know about that side of things. I have used some home pregnancy tests but they’ve all come back negative, however I have a friend who had the same issue when she got pregnant while nursing and it took a blood test to confirm her pregnancy. All this to say could ketones in my urine be another early symptom for a diabetic? I’m notching up the symptoms trying to decide when I’ll just bite the bullet and ask for a blood test…

I also don't have Ketones in my urine unless my BG is really high or I am sick. I didn't have them often when I was pregnant with my daughter, just a couple times. I honestly wouldn't know if it is an early symptoms. I am guessing your diet is good and you are getting plenty of carbs. Couldn't hurt to call the DR and ask for a blood test. Best of luck to you!

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Thanks :) I'm going to try a few more home pregnancy tests before I do that I think...I can handle negative HPTs but if I went for a blood test and had to wait for the results I think I'd be hugely disappointed if it was negative so I don't think I'll do it until I'm more convinced that it has to be pregnancy-if I'm not pregnant I wish I would just get my period, I feel like a lot of my symptoms would disappear if that happened. :)

I'm also so exhausted! oh help!

I have heard women say that their period was delayed due to breast feeding, so that could be a possiblity too. I was only able to breast feed my daughter for the first 2 1/2 months due to supply issues. Hopefully you will get some answers soon, either from a test or your body. Our bodies can be so confusing sometimes. :)

I don’t know if ketones are a sign of early pregnancy, but if it were me I’d ask for a blood test (because there’s that possibility…& HCG blood levels can confirm it even after just 2 weeks after ovulation). Makes it really tricky when there’s no period involved to guide the process. My Endo told me that I was “pregnant until proven otherwise” while we were waiting to find out…and treated me as such. Good luck to you-I didn’t get ketones when pregnant ,but even if my bg is normal ketones will make me feel sick to my stomach.

For me, I had ketones in the morning right away when I was pregnant. I never normally check for ketones unless my numbers are wacky, but because we were ttc, I was checking even if my blood sugars were normal. I would have great fasting blood sugars and moderate ketones every morning for the first couple of months. They would go away within a couple hours of waking up and eating. So I'd say that could be a sign, but that's just my experience. :)

Thanks Christina, still not sure if I’m pregnant :slight_smile: 8 months pp now and no period I should do another test I suppose :slight_smile:

ha! Did a HPT and I'm pregnant! Still not sure if the ketones were a symptom though... :)

Congrats!!! That would be an interesting question about the Ketones to bring up to your Doctor.

yes, I should...