Ketones! What to do?

I’m now 24 weeks along and have hit major insulin resistance. This evening before dinner my BG was 69 and an hour later it had shot up to over 200…then an hour after that it shot up to 350. I just checked and I have small ketones. I have never had ketones in over 25 years of having Type1…

Not sure if I should just keep drinking water and checking very hour while taking insulin or if I should page my doctor. I’m a little freaked out right now.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Thank you!

Just to update-got my doctor paged and all is well now. My endo is wonderful. BG is down to 130 and ketones are completely gone. They only lasted for a little bit. Have to stay up now until my massive shot of humalog is out of my system! Hubby is being super supportive and waking up with me every 1/2 hour to check BG. Should fully be able to go to bed by 2am.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Glad that all resolved quickly!!

Wow! I can’t believe you have never had ketones! I spill ketones so easily. I had mild ketones every morning during pregnancy. I would not worry about it too much :slight_smile: Glad that things are back to normal!

Thanks so much Kristin!

I had super high ketones in week 27 of my first pregnancy and freaked out (see here). None of my medical team could say definitively what caused it. CDE thought it was bad insulin or a bad set, Nurse Prac on call thought it was starvation ketosis from a light lunch I’d eaten, my OB thought it was dehydration b/c I hadn’t had a lot to drink that day (it had been a busy day at work and the ketones hit me around 2pm). In the end, my endo said that they don’t know what makes pregnant women more susceptible to ketones, but that the risk is only to ourselves and not to the baby.

Thank you for that! Every little thing that happens to me makes me freak out a bit about the little one…good to know it only affects me. I’m doing much better this morning. Woke up with a BG of 91 and feeling exhausted from being up all night checking BGs but less stressed!

Stress increases insulin resistance. Meditate! or, maybe, sleep!

My endo and my OB both told me that small ketones are okay. If I have moderate ketones just chug water to flush them out but if I have large or above accompanied with bg over 220 to contact the doctor.

Thanks Elizabeth! I actually do meditate and do yoga and I sleep as much as possible!