Ketones when blood sugar is normal?

Over the past few months I have had several episodes where my blood sugar has been totally normal but I’ve developed small to moderate ketones. It isn’t happening when I’m sick, so I know that’s not the problem. Has anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts about what might be going on? Thanks!

If the liver is depleted of glycogen you will start using fat; usually happens to me in the morning don’t eat breakfast and go for a run or some other aerobic exercise you’ll burn fat.

This happens to me very frequently but I’ve been reassured many times that as long as it is not combined with high blood sugar that it is dietary ketosis because I eat low carb and exercise a lot.

It’s called ketosis and occurs when the body burns fat. So long as your sugar is normal and there’s insulin on board no worries. Look up the way the Atkins diet works - it’s based entirely off of ketosis and several web sites have very good explanations about it.

I am interested to know why you are testing for ketones at all.

It’s not something I have ever been directed to do. I think I would only think about it if I was being sick, and then I’d have to ask a doctor to check, because I don’t have any ketostix.