Should I be worried about a small amount of ketones? I’ve been running higher, 200- 325 for two days and not eating much, so I tested for ketones and it was the color of the small ketone swatch. I’m not feeling great because of PMS, but hopefully will be better in a couple of days…

Ugh! This sucks!

I never worry too much about trace or small… those can usually be cleared fairly easily with food/insulin or fluids.

No, it’s after the trace, but not quite the third one up. Mine go trace- small- moderate- and then two colors for large. Should I need to increase my Novolog or Lantus?

I would take some extra insulin if you’re seeing it persist for a few days at a time. Many recommend pumping extra insulin and feeding lows if necessary, but I agree with Sarah that if it’s just trace or small, it’s nothing to worry about, per se. Increase your fluids and just keep a close eye for anything moderate to large, I’d say.

We do have a member here whose daughter has been DKA something like eleven times during the few days (PMS) before her cycle begins though, so it’s not a bad idea to suggest that you increase basal by a modest increment at certain times of the month if you start noticing a pattern. I, too, notice trace ketones when I’m pre-menstrual, but until that member brought it up, I’d never thought to check. I don’t change my basals (just do corrections), but I do test for ketones then.

Yeah, I’ve not ever tested for them at this particular time, but maybe I should… I added one unit more of Lantus and then I corrected with 1.5 units of Novolog. it brought me down to 170 and I’m okay with that! I had such beautiful numbers all week and then BAM! LOL! I hate this!