I’m using these:


This morning BG = 153 and ketones register “none.” That implies < 5 mg/dL.

I’m feeling a little preliminary rage about needing to go in and deal with the clinic this morning in order to get Rx’s written. It’s gonna end up costing $500 for an insulin Rx and BP med Rx to be written. They have been really rude lately. I hate them again. Perhaps they can behave themselves with some level of professionalism and ethics…but, that, I fear is unlikely.

Assuming the US, if you don’t have insurance you can buy Novolin OTC from Walmart for $25 for 1000IU (10mL) and, even though I have insurance, I still buy BG test strips from Amazon (less effort). I don’t know about the BP stuff; I self medicate.

I do hate them. I also think I shouldn’t; it isn’t their fault assuming they exercised their vote. I also tend to be somewhat rude myself, in my defense I vote in every election, yet I am still rude.

The preliminary fear/rage is horrible and, I feel, dehumanizing. We have to do this to stay alive, but that’s arrogant; everyone has to do it and it dehumanizes all of us. Ah well, love it or hate it.

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500 and vomiting could have been DKA range
Do you have sick day rules chart? It should keep your ketones in range