Keytones? Did I spell that right?

Anyway, I guess maybe I should check my bloodsugar more often when I’m totally stressed. sigh… I have no idea why I tested at 296 a few minutes ago. I had a really great low carb lunch and should be registering around 120 to 135 tops. Here is the kicker though… My 15 yr old son has been stressing me out all day. It’s scary. My cheapy glucometer is an Easy Check it also registers with question marks and if high enough will add the word keytones. sigh…

hey, Meadowlark, I hope by the time you get this you’re feeling much better. I hate it when you’re not sure why you’re getting the bad number. Yesterday I thought I was running high because I was so emotional and excited about the inauguration, but it turned out I needed to change my infusion set (after only 1 day, go figure). But seriously, the stress really makes mine go up. It sort of compensates itself because I eat less when I’m stressed. Peace. take three deep breaths.

A friend of mine suggested that maybe I’ve gone from being type2 to being a a type1. Is that possible? ugh. I just need to get life to be less stress. Stephen deploys in about4 or 5 weeks. The household is all acting out