Kidney and Eye Damage due to Diabetes

Hey my friend, I was on Metformin and Lisinapril. I ended up with a high creatine level so HIGH I ended up going to the ER .I had not been able to pee for hours before I went to the ER. I was taken off of those 2 medicines, but I found out I had damaged my kidneys. I have been off of those 2 medicines now and have to go back and have it tested again. I will get the results in a couple weeks. They sent me to a Kidney Specialist and he is the one who said I had damaged my Kidneys.
Plus with high blood glucose levels I also hurt my eyes. I was bleeding inside of my eyes. So they put me on an Insulin Pump. My blood glucose levels went up to 500 3 times when I first went on the Insulin Pump and it was after that I was told I was bleeding in my Retina. Now that my Blood Glucose is regulated better the bleeding has stopped and my eye sight is back to where it was previously. Even so my eye doctor wants me to see a Retina Doctor in 2 weeks.

It really sounds like you were not properly diagnosed or treated. Metformin can can help mild glucose problems, but it can't correct when your levels go as high as you suggest. It is possible you are a type 1 diabetic. Have you seen an endochronologist? Did you get help with your diet and exercise?

I actually believe that with good blood sugar control, you can heal from some damage. You can heal from minor kidney damage and stop further damage to your eyes. You can work through this. I hope you stick around, let us know how it is going and if we can help you through this that would be great.

Thank you for your comment. Type 1 diabetic I do not know if I am one, but I know I was on Metformin, Novalog Insulin and Lantus Insulin. I think after I get more used to the Insulin Pump I will be ok. I still have alot to learn about it.

Well I have been on the pump about 2 and 1/2 months and there are times when my blood glucose goes up and it takes hours or days to bring it back down. Originally when I went on the pump My blood sugar was in the 500's for 3 days. Then a couple of times in the following week it was 400 and now I end up in the 300's sometimes with no reason. One time when I had it in the 300's it took a day and a half to bring it down to the 200's. I am doing better right now on my numbers, but my eye sight has gotten dramatically worse. One time I went to see the Eye Doctor because my right eye was not seeing everything it should. The Doctor set up an appointment with a Retina Doctor. I have that appointment on Friday. I hope he can tell me why I am having that problem. I am on the computer about 12 hours or more a day. A friend suggested that might be why I am having trouble with my eye. Cause when I am on the computer I do not leave it for meals or for breaks. Unless I really have to. I still think it is the high blood sugars though. My husband says that my eyes get blood shot after I get on the computer. My eye was doing better last time I went to see the eye doctor. But now they are worse again. Why do I say that?? I still miss some letters on a page and I have that sensation that there is a black spot I am trying to see around and thru.