Kidney complications

What levels of blood sugar and after how long do kidney complications occur.

Just had urinalysis with Protein +++, and am hoping like anything it is something transient (like stress and recent UTI). Blood sugars are not excellent at the moment, but my fasting is usually < 90, some spikes after meals recently with highest about 180, but not every day. And not every meal. Maybe once a day am over 140-180.

I haven’t had this so long. Less than a year since I’ve needed to go on insulin to control levels.

Will test again on Friday and am very nervous about what results will show…

You’ve had diabetes for only a year, and A1c’s always in the 5’s? In contrast, I’ve had T1 diabetes for 36 years and haven’t had an A1c in the 5’s for any of those 36 years. I think the odds of you having any complications from diabetes are vanishingly small. Don’t worry; just get the tests you need to figure out what’s going on. It will likely be nothing; and almost certainly nothing related to diabetes.

I had proteinuria when I was pregnant, and it went away afterward. So these things can come and go. How is your blood pressure?

I concur with Jag1, your a1c’s are excellent, and in fact in the “normal” range (i.e,. below 6.0); so your troubles will have nothing to do with your blood sugar levels. Look for something else. I am type one (for 15 years) and have only recently gotten into the 5 range over the last year. I have never had any trouble with my kidney/urinalysis results.

Looks like you have normal A1c’s and you train. If you are training for a triathalon, I’m assuming you push yourself pretty hard? Strenuous exercise can definitely cause protein to spill and will show up in a urinalysis up to 48 hours later.

I had high protein in the urine but everything else was fine. My nephrologist put me on some ramapril and the levels have dropped dramatically

I have had protein in my urine since about 2003 - all my other kdiney function tests come back normal. Although you need to keep an eye on it, it also does not mean you are heading for dialysis. Good luck!