Kidney failure - future might hold less fear

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This will be great if they can get it perfected. I’m stage 4 and have been waiting for two yrs. not on dialysis yet. Really don’t want to. It’s a bummer to be tied
down to a chair 3 days a week.

That is some exciting news. They never mentioned if the donor is taking anti rejection drugs.
The also didn’t say if the pig is still alive.
And why did they transplant it to the outside of the patients leg.?
There must be a good reason but to leave it outside means they don’t get a good idea of how well tolerated it would be.

Also not mentioned was if the patient had kidney failure.

I hate it when articles have more questions than answers.
I would take a pig kidney if I needed one and it was offered to me.
I feel bad for the animals, but we eat them so why not use the organs too.

They have already transplanted pig heart valves and skin and a few pancreases. I don’t know why this is a new ethical barrier with a kidney.

The patient was effectively dead - brain dead and on life support. There was, I guess, no reason to be that tidy about it.