Kidney stuff

Curious if you have any information re: kidney disease. My dad, and my brothers cat, were recently diagnosed with kidney disease. Do you have any good sources of information regarding diet or anything? Note: my dad is borderline diabetic. So, the food stuff gets a little complicated, I think.

…If you’re asking about the cat, yeah I do. But not so much for the people…

hehehehe, I think we feed the cat low protein food and keep the other street thug cat away from him so his blood pressure isn’t so high. ???

But, the kidney diet is in some ways contradictory with the diabetes diet. I think we error on the side of the kidney diet, since that is the more advanced disease.

I find this subject a little confusing too. Many people advocate for the Low Carb High Fat diet for pwds. When someone has kidney disease, I think they’re suppose to limit their salt, potassium, phosphorus, and protein intake. You may still be able to make a LCHF diet work as long as you limit your protein? Seems like protein and fat often go hand in hand though. This is where I start to get confused.

Here’s an article about eating right with chronic kidney disease: