Kids, friends to watch out for them

I'm going to do a short talk with a group of T1 kids. The topic is "Get friends to watch your back." What do you suggest as the most important things to talk about? What actions should a friend take if their T1 friend goes hypo?



It would be good if the friend in question could remind the child with D to test often. In the case of a hypo, drink something sweet or take whatever glucose they use for hypos. The friend should also tell an adult and not leave until a responsible adult is with the child with D. Recovering from a hypo can take a while so its important that the child with D doesn't just rush out or carry on playing until he/she feels completely back to normal. Hope this helps a little bit. I know from my time at schoolthat some of the children were quite mean in relation to D, so keep an eye out for that too.

I like to elicit the outward symptoms of hypos from kids. If they see such and such or this or that, suggest juice to the T1. Stares, sluggishness, slowing down when walking, even talking jibberish or stuff that doesn't make sense are some of the symptoms the kids have said. When the kids join in with these and talk them over, they remember them.

How old are these young people? Think about it--how would you feel standing in front of everyone you work with and asking them to "watch your back?" When I was young, I did not want anyone to know. Not sure this is a great idea.

How about framing it in a different way: What is Type 1 diabetes and how does it affect those afflicted? What does food do? How does insulin affect the body--good and bad with symptoms and treatment? What causes this disease? How does food impact the diabetic--dispelling the no sugar ever myth.

Open their eyes. They will never be able to"watch your back..."