Kids Group


Have any of you parents of D kids had your children do a page on here? I was thinking it would be a good place for Olivia to hang out, rather than doing a MySpace page. She’s almost 13 and loooooooves to be on the computer (boy, does she!).

Is there a kid’s group on here? I looked but didn’t see one.


That sounds like a really cool idea, Julie. They could also form a group that is private (maybe one of the parents could be the creator of the group), which means it would only work if the person creating the group approves the membership.

That way, things could be monitored. Just wanted to put that out there as an idea.


Joseph has already expressed interest in setting up his own page here.

If there were some kind of private group, I’d definitely consider letting him do it.


ooooh how cool for them! yes myspace is crazy! I got a myspace acct to watch my niece and nephew. and now I’m glued to it.


as far as I know there is no kids’ group here, but I’d definitely join if there was one! I’m 14, and was diagnosed about a month ago.