Kids With Type 1

This photo says it all!!


Cute child and a very effective t-shirt message. We all face public ignorance but I think young parents with young T1Ds must deal with it often. That includes having the “conversation” with day care workers, teachers, teacher assistants, school nurses, babysitters, coaches, grandparents, and any other adult you may choose to care for your child, no matter the duration.

As we all know, the education must be patiently repeated again and again until people start to get it. The social dynamics of diabetes are not easy. Many times I think the biological and physical challenges of diabetes are easier than the social ones.


Here’s the unobscured view of the message.


Thanks @Terry4

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I think this is what I would write on my own, adult diabetes T-shirt (as of my 25th anniversary). What would you guys write? Richard157 HAS to include date of diagnosis or some year count.


@mohe0001, are you going to have that T made? I like your message.

@Richard157, I want to know yours? I like the idea of summarizing many years into one paragraph that explains all the answers/questions people ask. You have been diabetic so long. You have to have your own paragraph. Yours would be interesting.

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Lol! My paragraph is a book published in 2010.

How about the word “Patience” printed twenty times. I had to be patient for 40 years until I had my first glucose meter, then three more years to know that carbs affect our BG levels…five more years before having my first fast acting insulin so I could finally use carb counting effectively, several more years to start pumping, and many more years before my insurance covered my CGM.


What is the title of your book, Rich?

@mohe0001, Beating The Odds: 64 Years of Diabetes Health.