I just sat eating lunch and catching up on reading while my twins jumped and bounced in their exersaucers next to me (crash! bang! giggle!) and suddenly, but not for the first time, it occurred to me…does T1 await either one of them! I know the stats and they’re actually not all that scary. I’m implementing a couple of easy dietary practices that the “they” who put forth theories speculate may help ward it off, if in fact it lies in wait for them. But talk about what we can control and what we can’t…and the wisdom to know the difference? I’d step in front of a truck for either one of them without a second thought, but what if there really is just nothing I can do to protect them from this?

I know only time will tell.
But it’s ominous.

I would only cut out excess junk foods. No pop. Add Vitamin D, if you’s do not live in a sunny area year round.

lol lol they’re only 8 mos old! I should have said that!

Worry about it all the time the odds scare me with have multiple autoimmune issues it jumps up to close to 1 in 2 plus the slightly greater chance due to the fact I am male. I also thought I had beat the odds have diabetes on both sides of my family and it waited till I was 36 to hit me. Has a good break down of the risks. I am trying to educate my girls the best I can about diabetes, only so much a 4 yr old and 2 yr old can really understand. Plus I worry about type 2 with it being on my wifes side and her having PCOS. So yes I worry alot but I focus more on educating my girls then worrying, educating them prepares them and I have to set a good example for them by taking care of myself.

Hi Jim. I’m sorry for your worries. I was 31 at diagnosis so I can commiserate there too. But you’re right…no matter what, it’s about staying well so we are here for them, and about setting a good example! (BTW your girls are adorable.)

Junior, who is 12, would KILL me if she gets it. I’m not sure she’s aware of the genetic risk. She has a PCP appt next week so perhaps the doc will bring it up?

Need to get my kids into trailnet