Kinda Snakebitten

My MM723 had a pump failure last night. I went to bed with a glucose of 123 (corrected to 81) and woke up with a glucose of 197. I corrected and got it down to 166, then it just kept going up to a peak of 231. No basal delivery it seems. By then I had switched to my backup pump. This is my second failure of my 723 this month, and the third replacement in 15 months.

Maybe I am just unlucky?


Sorry to hear that you have had these problems, Lloyd.

If you haven't done this already, you might want to report these failures to the FDA at the Medical Device Reporting site

You might also want to ask the MiniMed folks to engage in a deeper discussion with you to try and determine if this is going to be an ongoing problem, or are you just lucky (aka, snakebitten).

Yoga, I have 33 months left on my warranty, and I start on medicare in July. I won't be able to change pump brands until the warranty is up. I miss my Cozmo!


Very frustrating! Sorry Lloyd :(

Wow, that is terrible Lloyd, I hope you get this worked out and get a pump that works properly.

Meee, they sent a replacement that works fine. It just gets old having to do that.