Kinesio tape

I’m looking to buy kinesio tape to keep my pods on during workouts since it has been suggested multiple times on this forum. I’m going to be buying it from amazon and while I would like to pay the least amount possible, I would rather pay more for a quality product than spend less on something that doesn’t stick well. Any suggestions on brands? Any brands to avoid?

KT is the only brand I've used. I'm really not sure what the difference is between brands but it might be worthwhile to do a comparison now that there are a gazillion makers on the market. The most important property as far as I'm concerned is sticking power and the great advantage that kinesio tape has is sticking power under elastic stress for an extended period of time, but that might not be what you're paying premium price for with a brand like KT.

The thing about KT is that skin has to be clean and dry before application. I've had it drop right off of semi-oily skin or skin that is not freshly cleaned. For maximum sticking strength, I actually lay down a layer of Matisol first, then cover the area with a layer of Opsite. Even then, it will barely survive an hour of Jiujitsu training, but the important point is that it does survive and I've found nothing else that will.

the only thing we have used is tegaderm 6cm X 7 cm, they come individually wrapped like a big sticky bandaid but mostly clear. it works great to support Jacobs pod esp with swimming or when it is loosening at the top. best of luck to you. amy

OrthoCo Inc is were I buy my KT tape and like FHS I have not used any other kind. It has worked well for me. 6, 16 foot rolls for 64.00 plus shipping. Was just reading on there site about a new version so will see how that works when I have occasion to reorder. And yes I do use alcohol to clean the site before application.

I use Opsite FlexiFix. You can get it by the roll on Amazon and it lasts forever and sticks very well. :) I use it with my Dexcom sites too.

Thanks for the tips!