Kinked Canulas

A few months ago I became frustrated by how many "bad" sites I had. So I reviewed the directions for the Inset 30s I use (Animas) and realized that I was holding my hands wrong on the insertion device, making the angle different. I corrected that and seemed to have less problems.

But I still tend to get kinked (bent) canulas more often than most people do. I suspect it's bent when I can only see a very small bit of the canula through the little window. Then I wait to see if I have high numbers, sometimes I do sometimes I don't.

When I have "good" sites I can keep them for four days with no problem at all which sort of makes up for the lost ones, but still! Anyone have this problem and gained any insight as to how to prevent it?

Nobody has problems with bent canulas??? I posted this in the main board rather than insulin pumper's or animas, hoping to get a broader range of responses.

i have had this problem on much more than one occation. I am on the Metronic MiniMed Paradym 522 pump. (which i love) however, i am quite thin and have on many occation found it challenging to find a good site for my canula. also, certain spots really hurt to use. i am very sensitive around my hips (AKA "love Handles" whereas i am completely fine on my tushy (more fat there)(even if i do sit on it) in any case, i have been able to see thru the little window a drop of blood forming under the adhesive and the canula hurts much more than usual. i can wait an hour or two and see what happens; then depending on my BSs i will change the site or leave it be. but this does happen to me about once a month. the more body fat i find for myself, the better. (and then of course, the needle doesnt hurt so much going in.) good luck.

I rarely have a bent or kinked canula problem - knock wood. Been pumping for years and years. I don't have advice, rather a question. You have a little window to see the canula??

thanks, DaisyMae. Yes, I have the kind when I can see the blood and it continues to hurt so I know those will probably fail on me. But I also have the type where I can't see/feel anything wrong, except for the teeny part of the canula showing.

I can't speak for the minimed Karen, but with the animas inset 30's, yes, there is a little window. You can't see the part that goes into your skin, but you can see enough to sometimes find a problem. I like that set for that reason.

Yes, I have had this issue with the Mios (the medtronic/minimed version of the inset). I was able to get a few samples of other sets from Minimed and discovered that I had fewer issues with their Quicksets. I have noticed that site location can influence the chances of developed a bent canula. My thighs/side butt are very muscular (very little fat) and I was having more issues with bent canulas there. My tummy is fattier and I didn't have as many issues with the Mio in my stomach.

I would recommend getting some samples of other infusion sets (get two of each because you want to really test them). Minimed did this for me and it was a HUGE help. I discovered that while I can use the Mios in my tummy area, the Quicsets work better in my thighs and butt region.

Thanks, MBP!

I use the insets and have a kinked cznula once in a while - not even monthly. For some reason though they seem to come in waves. Sorry, not much help!

I've never experienced anything I would refer to as a kinked canula. I also have an Animus pump & have used the Inset, Comfort Short & Inset30 infusion sets.

What exactly do you mean by a very small bit of canula in the little window? I usually see just a tiny bit of canula, if I see more it generally means the canula is not inserted properly & then absorption is terrible.

When I remove the infusion set I always look at the canula to see what angle it is in relation to the sticky tape, sometimes it looks like a good 45+ degrees or other times less than 30. Is this what you mean by bent or kinked? if the angle is large it means the insulin is going in deeper. The angle is affected by the angle of the inserter.

My friend in the UK complained of kinked canulas with Inset30s, she found if she kept the sets in the fridge & inserted them cold then she had fewer problems, I've never tried that.

Hi Zoe.

I used to get a fair few bent canulas when I used the teflon infusion set, especially when inserting into thighs etc.

I began inserting them manually which allow me to change the depth and angle which resulted in much less kinking ongoing.

I eventually switched to steel sets though as found them easier to get along with and more reliable.

With the teflon ones though, the fatter the area the less kinkage :)

Interesting - cold sets! I'll try that!

Yes, I agree that if I see too much canula (like to the edge of the window) it is probably not inserted properly. But I also find if I see a very small bit, like barely any at all that can mean it's bent down at too much of an angle and won't infuse right. Sometimes when I see barely any canula it becomes a problem, sometimes not. When it becomes a problem number wise it's too bent when I pull it out and look.

It's so hard to figure what I might be doing wrong. I always make sure the "feet" are flat and press the buttons gently. I'd almost have to have somebody watching me to see what it was! But I figured if I asked what other people discovered I might get some ideas.

Thanks, Buckley. I don't think I have the hand=eye coordination for manual sets!

I think I'm good for fat. I'm not overweight, but I'm not a skinny girl either so I think I have sufficient fat and just the normal muscle for the insertions.

I use Medtronic. I had a lot of problems with kinks when I was using the teflon canulas. No such problem, since I switched to metal.

how long is Ur canula? when i started on the pump, i used a very long legnth canula. now i just use a tiny one. ck it out w/ Ur pump company. there might be a longer one you can use and it might help keep the canula from falling out.


This won't help, but I will add my two cents. Best of luck in figuring it out.

I use angled, teflon infusion sets, manual insertion. Maybe 1 - 2/yr. are kinked, max.

It only comes in 13mm.

After trying both, angled and straight, I decided I preferred the angled for a couple reasons, but mainly the see-through window. But I may go back to the straight if I keep having problems and see if that is better for me.

I have tried most MM infusion sets and had kinks ...then I read here on TuD about a chap ,( who is not a member anymore)and uses Sure-T's ...the big difference is a needle ...there are 2 lengths available , 6 mm and 8 mm .I use the 8 mm ...I do usually change the set every 2 days ( or slightly more ) .The Pharmacist Technician has an Animas pump and uses same type ( different name ???) I have been using Sure-T's well over 2 years .For security , I put IV3000 over the part , that goes into skin .I have in the past changed the needle part into another spot and added new tape , however I have become " less green " :)

That sounds interesting, Nel, but I don't think Animas has anything like that, Nel. It's not a manual insertion, right? Animas just has the automatic insertion canulas - straight and angled and the manual insertion steel sets. I know people use sets from different companies but I'm bound to Animas as they give me a discount.

Hmm...looking at the video, maybe it is manual insertion? I just assume I don't have the hand eye coordination for manual, but I guess I could ask Animas for a sample of theirs and see how I do.

Yes, manual insertion , straight in ...I am also not as nimble with my fingers as I used to be :) ...the trick is not to touch the sticky part of both parts .Trying some samples sound good !