Knee Surgery

I had knee surgery on July 22nd. Knee is doing pretty well but is stiff and pops a great deal. Not sure if this is normal or not. I have a second follow up on Aug. 31 will tell doc if knee continue to do all this popping. Anybody out there have any knee surgery? Did you knee do this after surgery?

I got a knee injury from playing hockey. Although it isn’t yet serious enough for surgery - I twisted my knee, split the cap and as a result have a floating cap the doesn’t sit central, which wears my cartilage away and could cause damage to my crucial ligament… yeah its pretty painful and complicated. Anywayy… when you say pop do you mean a cracking sound? If so it could be where you knee hasn’t been mobile and moving freely due to swelling, a small amount or pressure builds up in the joint, when its released that sound occurs. Also it may be there has been minor adjustments in the gliding paths of the joint so the tendons could be snapping over tissue but there all harmless. When you start getting movement back into it and strengthening the surrounding muscles that may make a difference… Hope it works out okay for you though.

May I ask why and what surgery you had?

I’ve had numerous knee injuries and surgery on my right knee… both of my knees will pop really loudly at times (usually after standing a long time), and both “click” when I walk… my ortho says it’s normal.

I have had a few knee surgeries and my knee now always pops. all of my left knee. The last one was in February 2004. in June at diabetes camp I was playing soccer with some campers and I tripped over another counselors foot and twisted my knee. All the doctors up there thought I tore something, and when camp was over I came home and got an MRI. I didn’t tear anything but because of prior surgeries the scar tissue shifted when I fell and pinched some nerves against the bones. It hurts a lot, and I am currently doing PT (physical therapy) to try to get them back, but I will probably have to have surgery again in October or so because PT isn’t currently working =(.