Knocked out my infusionset

Ĺast night around 2am I got up to use the washroom. I had my infusionset in the front of my leg. When I pulled up my pajama pants I accidentally pulled out the inset. I changed it right away and went to bed. Bas mistake. I should have set a reminder to wake me up after 2 hours to make sure it was working. I woke at 6am and I felt ok but when I tested I was 15.9mmol and had moderate amounts of ketones( I didn’t have a sensor in.). So I took a shot and drank some water and it slowly came down. After eating I went back up again and so I did a correction. It went down a little but not to the extent that it usually does. It was in a vein I figured so I took it out and replaced it. It was quite an eventful morning.

Infusions sets in the leg are great but do tend to pull out when you raise or lower your pants (or pj’s in your case).

A strip of plastic surgical tape or Opsite over the inset makes the 3 days site bullet proof.

I usually do that but the last few times I didn’t have a problem so I figured it would be okay. Live and learn.

So I changed my infusionset, had no more ketones and figured I was homefree. Lunch was uneventful, no problems, then supper came along. I counted my carbs accurately and when I started to rise just before eating I thought nothing of it. 15 minutes later it was up to 15mmol, then 18.7mmol. I changed my infusionset again. I used 3 infusionsets in 1 day. I have never had this much trouble.

Oh NO!!! BUMMER!!! I’m afraid of using my leg or upper buttocks for this very reason!!! I hope ur bg is back in range & u r feeling better!! HUGS!!

My sugars have been really unpredictable in the last few days. I need to do more basal testing. This sensor that I have in my arm bleed a little on the tape. It has not been a great help right now. I called dexcom and they are sending me another one. Lately when I have ketones I haven’t been feeling I’ll. Usually my stomach feels yucky. I hopefully will get things back on track soon.

I am also wondering if maybe my insulin vial has gone bad. I keep it on the vial on the countertop. I don’t know how many days it has been there. I’ve never had a problem before with what I am doing. When I bolus I wait 10- 15 minutes before eating. The insulin lowers my sugars but not like before. Lately though in the last 3 days my sugars have been erratic. Especially after meals. I eat pretty consistent, same foods almost every day. I am supposed to be getting some more insulin from my pharmacy.

So I recieved my new vials of insulin around 230pm. I tested my basal from 4pm to 715pm. I didn’t get a rise. As a matter of fact I went a little low and corrected with glucose tabs and watched it. It went up a little bit but it didn’t rise like it did the last couple of times. So I snacked at 720pm and I am watching to see what it does. I am thinking my insulin was bad. Tomorrow will be the telltale sign.

I don’t know if this is related to your problem or not, but I have always been told that the insulin is supposed to be refrigerated. When you get it from the pharmacy, does the package say to do this? If it does, I would strongly suggest that you do.

Insulin can be kept at room temp for 28 days from what I read

my wife leaves it out (novolog) when she starts using a new vial and has for years and years

Yes, for now on I am going to keep it refrigerated. When I started pumping in 2008 they told me to keep in at room temperature. I have never had this problem before. I’m not taking anymore chances. In the fridge it goes!!