Know How I Feel?

Hear that a lot. Try this. Get a deck of playing cards .Tape a string about 43 inches long to it and tape the other end to your belly. Keep it dry when bathing, look at it 4 or 5 times a day, and then shuffle the deck every 3 or 4 days. Then you will know how I feel. But you can take it off and throw it away. I can't.

wait, you forgot the part about stabbing yourself with a scary needle, and those lovely times when you take the thing off and blood is rushing out of your site.

4-5 times per day? I look at my “deck” at least 300 times!

Last week someone told me that there was a string hanging off of my cell phone.

This is scary I’m getting my pump put in tomorrow :frowning:

I take my pump off during showers. I'd go crazy trying to keep it dry (plus, it's waterproof!).

Don't worry, Tricia. For many of us, after the initial adjustment period, we get quite used to having our pumps on and sometimes even forget it's there. For me, I rarely look at "my deck" at all. I have the Ping and I do everything from the meter remote. I only deal with the pump itself approximately every three days when I change the set. Once I got used to how and where I wear it and how I sleep with it, it doesn't bother me at all. I use the longer tubing because I find I actually feel less "attached" that way, because I can just lay it on the bed or a counter when I get dressed.

I agree with Zoe here Tricia. Although not something I relish (dealing with the pump) it is a faaaaar sight better than dealing with MDI. FOR ME, the pump makes diabetes soooo much easier.


No need to be scared. You will love the freedom that a pump offers and it won't take long for you to become accustomed to it.

I knew the moment my first infusion set was inserted, that the pump would be life-changing.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

To all the people who keep the pump on during a shower, do you just let it hang down, or do you wear something to keep it against your body, & if so doesn't the belt or pouch get soaking wet. I always detach my pump while showering.

in my early days of pumping, there were no infusion sets that had the quick release. I had this plastic bag that hung from the shower head and I would put the pump in it. (It actually was an item you could buy from Disetronics). It really was a total pain. I remember when we moved to San Francisco in 1995 and I saw the new Minimed infusion sets called QRs for quick release. couldn't wait to get them.

Really I'd never want to go back to MDI either, I've been pumping for over 20 years now.

Oh let's not talk about the early days of pumping!! LOL! I'm with you Marie I don't want to go back to MDI either. I fell apart back in July b/c I had to go back on MDI for a few days til I got another pump in! LOL! Ud think I'd be better than that huh???? I wasn't! LOL!

Tricia, the comments above weren't meant to scare, just to emphasize that it's not as easy as it looks to PW/oD. I adore my pump, it's a life-changing piece of tech. I'm sure you will too - just remember to give it time, there is a learning curve!

Honestly, I have the omnipod and I forget I even have a pump on. Seriously when people ask me half the time I have to look and remember LOL!! It doesn’t hurt going in most of the time :slight_smile: it does all the work for me and I barely feel it. LOVE IT!

Ok thank you !

Thank you good to know !