Have any of you guys taken the supplement L Citrulline??? It is supposed to improve endothelial function in type 1 diabetics and improve vascular health.

Has anyone tried it??

Here are some interesting articles:



Hi Ryan,
I am not aware of this. Sorry I can’t be of much assistance.

Have you tried it?

Sorry Ryan… I dont know anything about this either =[

Ryan until you have more substantial information regarding this product do not take it. I’m always leary of claims about certain products. Remember there are no miracle drugs (what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all).

Hey, Ryan…yes, I have read some of this research and went so far as to discuss w/ my doctors (endo/cardio)…we decided that I should start on Simvastatin (has same effect and added benefits of lowering chol, etc.). It was the piece of information that helped me understand why we need to be proactive in drug choices to prevent future complications. I found my blood pressure control improved after starting Simvastatin…and my lipid profile responded very quickly and significantly. I was in that category of “should we do it or not”…and this research and other bits and pieces suggested it was time I started on a statin. I was one of those who had a TC of 150-180 most of my adult life…when I hit 40’s…it crept up to 198 and that is when I started reading and talking w/ my doctors. I find the research cited very interesting and likely helpful as they look for an arginase blocking agent…but, I am fine w/ using a proven drug (statin) that has multiple preventative benefits for me until we develop something better. I am also really glad that we can get generic simvastatin now for less than $10! I get 2x the size tablet (split it) in a 3 month script at Kmart for about $18 (so, for 6 month supply) That was not the case just a few years ago. When looking at types of statins…need to read about how they effect each of the lipids…simvastatin worked the best for both myself and my mom (nondiabetic) because we have decent HDLs and low TGs. Of note…that ACE + statin + low dose aspirin (Lisinopril + Simvastatin + some type of blood thinner…can use fish oil, ginko, etc. as a alternative to ASA) lowers heart risk by as much as 80% in diabetics (The Amer Journal of Managed Care)…I think News Hound gave a link to this article Oct 9.