Lab results

The last step standing between me and my husband starting on TTC is the outcome of my blood work, so I was pretty excited to see them posted online this evening. It looks like everything is fine with just two results being a bit high: the creatine clearance (which has the same name as the overall test?) and the ALT from the comprehensive metabolic panel. From my basic Google search, these are kidney and liver-related. (I’ve previously gotten some periodic high microalbumin results, but nothing that was consistent.)

I’ll call the doctor tomorrow but I’m guessing/hoping two things:

  1. that if my kidneys or liver were in real trouble, there’d be more red flags on the results, and
  2. that this would be something they watch during a pregnancy, rather than something that would cause the doctor to tell me not to start TTC.

Any reassuring or realistic thoughts between now and when I’m able to connect with the doctor? I promise not to take anything I read here as medical advice. Thanks!

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TTC? I read through your post trying to suss the meaning of TTC and can’t even hazard a guess.

If I have to ask, I wasn’t meant to know. Is that your intent?

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:slight_smile: Sorry! I think this is a common acronym for the thread topic… TTC: trying to conceive

Sorry for the drive-by. Good luck!

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Well, doh! Now I see your category of trying to get pregnant. I’m not the most observant.

Lab results are near meaningless unless evaluated in proper context by a properly trained provider---- i know it’s tough but just wait until you talk to your doc before you get worried. The majority of the time results that are just a bit out of the reference range are completely meaningless… But only a doctor can determine that. That’s why they get paid the big bucks…

My understanding is that increased creatinine clearance is not uncommon with diabetes but occurs before diabetic nephropathy occurs. Decreased clearance when your eGFR starts to drop is a sign of renal failure. Increased clearance can also occur with a high protein diet.

As to ALT it could be anything. Yes it could be a problem with your liver, but it could also be increased for other reasons. Medication, exercise right before the test, being pregnant or drinking too much over the weekend.

Your doctor will probably want to track things down, but you should not freak out that these signal some huge barrier to getting pregnant.

It all depends on how far out of range and in which direction.

What have your last couple of A1c’s been like?

Thanks for this info! I did switch to LCHF over the summer, and while I don’t think I’m eating more than normal protein, I could be wrong. It will be interesting to see if any further testing (if necessary) comes up with any sort of explanation. None of the ALT suggestions you list apply, so that makes me curious.

Again, I’ve had inconsistent microalbumin results, so I don’t get alarmed at these. But, I know more about that test, less about these ones.

I’m curious to see what the doctor says.

They are both a bit above the range, but I don’t know what the upper limits are, so it’s hard to tell. e.g. if the range is 8-12, I got like a 14 rather than a 52.

My A1Cs haven’t been great in the past, but they’ve been improving since January when I started focusing on my health:
January: 8.2, April: 6.6, August: 5.8

If you have a long history of high A1c’s (over 6.9), that could explain the creatinine clearance result.

Those are outstanding A1cs!