Lab tests


Had my blood taken today, so in a month I should know what my A1C is, if my cholesteral levels have improved, excetera.

I swear, if I go in this time and I get a ‘sorry, we havn’t received
your labs yet, we’ll call you if there’s a problem’, I’m gonna get mad.
I have gone in 4 weeks ahead of time, and all my other doctors get
their results back in about 2 weeks.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to getting my A1C, at last. And
hopefully find out what it was last year and the year before so I can
see if/how much I’ve been improving.

And, if the darn thing comes back low enough, start working starches back into my diet on a regular basis.

Had a can-eat-no-wrong day yesterday. 2hrs after half a panani I was
back where I started. That doesn’t happen after white bread!

As much as I like days like that, I’d much rather be predictable all the time.