Labeled Noncompliant by the high risk docs at Maternal Fetal Medicine!

I have to say that I have had the weirdest experience ever as a T1 and for a 2nd pregnancy. I was referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine back when I couldn’t get an Endo to take me on as a new patient b/c I was preggers. I have been running into so many issues that I was starting to contemplate going back to Canada to have this baby girl. Anyway, I was suppose to fax or call in my BG to a nurse every 3 days and she would see the doc and call me back with any changes. The scary part is they didn’t want anything from my dex or my pump (huh??), all they wanted was my sugars before and after each meal and at bedtime (7 readings) and since I never actually spoke to the Endo on staff I could never actually discuss late afternoon lows or lows I was having at 4 or 5am. So I tried calling in my sugars, took too long so they suggested I email them so I did. I used a slightly different form giving them 10 - 12 reading I was taking each day with notes on changes I made, pump failures etc…the important stuff.

So fast forward to last week (20wk mark) and I get a call at 7:45am from the Endo on staff asking me why I was making changes to my basal rates and I:C ratios. I told him I was running high and I made changes when I saw trends as I had been taught to do for many, many years. Well, he got very upset and told me I was to send only their form only and that I should not be changing my basals rates without consulting him first. Now, calling me before my morning coffee is not smart, but telling me that I can’t make changes that directly affect my body…I told him that I would make changes and that an A1C of 6.5 was a good indicator that I was doing rather well but thanks for your concern considering that I had never actually met him in person. Anyway, he ended up calling my OB and telling her that I needed to start complying or they would no longer consult for my case and he was rather upset at my self management attitude telling my OB I thought I was a doctor…hey, I’ve only been diabetic for 17 years, I guess I should still need an endo to wipe my nose for me???

So after an interesting conversation with my OB, I finally found an Endo who took me on and told me that he had 1 minor change to make and that my dex and pump showed him that I was doing quite well (he LOVES technology). He told me to email him if I had any questions or wanted input based on what my pump stats and dex were telling me and that I could have him paged if it was urgent and that he would see me in a month. I also have an appointment with a new High Risk Endo tomorrow morning so keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll work directly with my Endo.

It was a crazy few days but I am still stunned that as a self managed T1 I would run into so much crap for expecting more out of High Risk doctors. Who has ever heard of doctors refusing to use technology to better serve their patients!!! I am amazed that a T1 diabetic would be lumped in the same category as a T2…there are similarities but it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Hope you’ll be getting the care you deserve now. And hope your pregnancy is going well!!!

How frustrating!! Glad that you have found a good endo to work with now!

Stupid specialists. I’m so glad that a “regular” doctor is managing my diabetes throughout the pregnancy. Helps that he is also type one and one a pump, so he gets it, but being sent to a clinic like that was one of my greatest fears…

Glad it’s all worked out for you in the end.

My first Endo was a T1 diabetic as well and she taught me to take charge of my health and to be my own advocate. I’ve had 3 different Endos in the past 17 years and they have always worked with me so this experience just shocked me. I thought with all the technology we diabetics have to help us reach our goal of better control would be welcomed by doctors, especially those who deal with high risk pregnancies. I don’t want to be ageist but I seem to have better experiences with younger docs who are comfortable with technology and are open to learning from their patient’s experiences.

Thx Ladies. I now have an Endo who I like and a High Risk OB that basically told me that if the Endo wants to take the lead than she’ll focus only on an issues that arise related to delivery. I now have a team I’m comfortable with…now to enjoy being preggers for a few more months before I no longer see my feet ;o)