Labs tomorrow for my PUMP!

Why am I nervous? I have to get a C-peptide test tomorrow morning for my insurance company, to ensure that they cover my pump. Why should they not cover it? How could I fail a blood test? No reason - but still I’m nervous. Silly me. :slight_smile:

I understand why you are nervous, I would be as well if I were in your spot. I think it is ridiculous they would make you get this test anyways! I understand not giving a pump to someone who doesn’t take insulin shots, but come on, you do and they are just being cheap!

Right?! I know, I know, they don’t automatically cover people for Type 2, especially if it’s a recent diagnosis - they want you to go on Metformin and exercise and lose weight, etc. etc. - but I’m a reasonably skinny dude, taking 4 shots a day - when they put me on Metformin, I just lost more and more weight and got sicker and sicker while my BG skyrocketed. My anti-Gad test was positive - it ain’t a misdiagnosis, I have Type 1 diabetes! I’m just old, that’s all…

You get tired of jumping through hoops, don’t you?


Insurance, Insurance, Insurance! The things you have to go through to get what you need. I hope all works well. I am my c-peptide was 1.3 but I have a lot of anti bodies present. lol, I was denied my Pod (Omnipod) the first time around but when they saw my labs my insurance company approved it. Good luck, Please keep us updated.

Trying to remember what my c-peptide was before - my endocrinologist said he thought I had about 9% function left in my pancreas - so I’m guessing it was fairy low :slight_smile:

I had a lady at the insurance company tell me I had to take a c-peptide test. I was like “look lady, I got diabetes when I was 13 and I have been taking shots for over 20 years! I’m as type 1 as you can get!” She said since I was overweight at the time they assumed I was t2. She apologized and I didn’t have to take the test.