Lactic acid worse on Diabetics?

I have ridden bicycles for many years to help with my heart disease I have noticed since finding out I have T2 diabetes I’m having more problems with lactic acid build up in my Quad’s when I’m riding even just a few warm up miles. It hadn’t been and issue before. Is this a common thing or is it worse on diabetics? I questioned my doctor about it, but he didn’t give me a straight answer.

This is a good question. I will bring it up to my Endo as well.

I have wondered about this sort of thing, and generally whether having diabetes for so many years has caused increased recovery time after I exercise. I have decided that it is probably not due to the diabetes as much as it is caused by getting old.
Aging. Either that or your brake pads are rubbing on your rims.

Maybe there’s some link to compromised blood circulation of diabetics and the ability to flush away lactic buildup, though.
I would be interested to hear more if anyone has a theory.

I don’t know but I’ve wondered about it myself. What bugs me is that it doesn’t just hurt while I’m pushing hard and then stop when I crest the hill. I’ll feel sick for the rest of the day, as if I took a poison pill or something. My solution is to go as slow as I have to go to avoid the burn. If that means I go up the hill a 3 mph, so be it. Going that slow is easy on a recumbent trike. On a 2-wheeler, I’d have to get off and push.