I just stumbled upon LADA as I was researching info for my pump. I know I’m a 1.5, but need to confirm the tests that were done.
I am wondering if there are any other LADAs that also are DES daughters? My mother took Diethylstilbestrol when pregnant w/ me in 1958. I did find an article on the net about DES altering immune functions, and being susceptible to auto immune disease.

Hi Lisa,
I read your post with interest. My mother did not take DES with any of us. I have two sisters that are type 2, one nephew that is type 2, one nephew type 1, two of my own kids that are type 1 and I am LADA. One of my daughters is prediabetic and 2 grandkids. are also. I am still looking at genetics for this mess. Other older relatives were diabetics also.