LADA diagnosis in GTA

Good mornning,
I am a post renal transplant patient. I am struggling with what seems to be drug induced diabetes. I am active and not overweight. I have had MANY different autoimmune problems. In fact, it was an autoimmune problem that destroyed my renal function. I believe I have LADA. How can I get this diagnosed? Is there a physician/endocrinologist in the Toronto/Hamilton/York Region area who is knowledgeable about LADA and who would know how to diagnose it?

here's a thorough explanation of the tests to ask for

LADA is not an official diagnosis. If you do the tests Marie recommends you will be diagnosed as Type 1 even if it is slow onset (LADA).

You may wish to Google "Rate your doctor" after you've found the names of Endos in those areas. Google can both be an evil and a blessing. Short of word of mouth, it is of immense help. Perhaps something as simple as typing key words such as "Endocrinologists and LADA in Toronto and Hamilton".
I'm in south western Ontario, but I don't live in either of those areas. However, if you need help in searching...let me know.
Best wishes....linda