LADA - needing less basal insulin over time

Has anyone experienced requiring less basal insulin over time after being diagnosed with LADA? Started with 12 units of Tresiba, now 10 units and perhaps can lower it again. Seems like my pancreas has been given a rest by the basal insulin and has recovered somewhat which has extended my “honeymoon” period before I will need to add bolus insulin.

Insulin is rumored to help ease the burden on your pancreas and delay the end of your honeymoon period. Also change in diet and lifestyle changes, even weather can change your basal requirement needs. We all can vary so much it’s hard to say how long. Just that at some point you will have to have bolus insulin. Basal insulin can’t control the spikes that end up happening after we eat, and spiking too high isn’t good for us over time.

Agree w @Marie20. Your pancreas’ honeymoon will ease the stress on it, so your exogenous insulin requirements may be lowered. But you’ll also probably find yourself on a bit of a rollercoaster during honeymoon depending on how your pancreas is “feeling” at any given time. Eventually, as for all of us T1, it will sadly stop producing any meaningful amounts and you’ll have 24/7 needs for both basal and bolus, but maybe a little more predictable than during honeymoon.

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Thank you for your experience. Now I know what to expect.

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How about an update 9 months later?

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My honeymoon period is beginning to wane with postprandial glucose creeping upwards. Still on 10 units of Tresiba and see an endocrinologist for the first time in April. Plan to discuss adding a small dose of bolus insulin for post meal spikes. And perhaps a change to basal dose.