Ladies - I think this looks like a great product to hold you pump or D supplies

Ladies - I think this looks like a great product to hold you pump or D supplies.

It can hold up to 3 pounds of stuff.

I can't wait to get the money. I'm a tad broke right now. But I think this would be great. I think it would also be neat to wear with shorts. Thanks for the info.

What do you mean girls, I own three of these, and I put, ahh oh never mind.

Did you get yours embroidered with your initials Rick ?

I got mine today and i love it so much. I had my pump, meter, lancet and a roll of the dex 4 glucose tabs in it. (also my 700 series pump )

I can see putting a pump in the garter, (I have a simple thigh elastic for mine), but all that other stuff would be a bit much for me to wear on my thigh. BTW - You forgot the strips!! All that stuff tucked into a garter would more than double the diameter of my upper leg. How do you even walk (or in my case dance) with all that stuff in there??

Oh, I had strips too. The stuff I had was really nothing compared to what they suggest in this commercial

LOL - holy hootie (I got that from the website ad)!! Soon ladies all over the world will be lifting their dresses to access their garters.

I can't imagine having all that stuff strapped around my leg! I would feel like a suicide bomber! I can see using it with a dress for my pump, but the rest of the stuff can just go in my I do remember when I used to go out to the clubs dancing with just a teeny thing around my neck for key and money! I guess if I still did that something like this might be of interest.