Ladies! Where do you put your pump with dresses?

Hey Ladies!
So it’s coming around to the summer weather here in California now and before I got my pump I lived in dresses all summer, and now I find it hard to wear them with the pump, I tried clipping it onto my panties the other day when I wore a dress, but it just kept flopping around and sliding all over the place and I thought it was gonna fall off the whole time :frowning:
So I just thought I would ask if any of you have any tricks on where to put your pump?
Thanks! Mariah

The only pump solution I’ve found when wearing a dress is to stick it down my bra right inbetween my, uh, boobs. I’m fairly flat chested, so have a lot of room to stash things down my bra. I have the minimed revel and if I remove the clip and just stick it in my bra “naked,” it lays pretty flat and isn’t too noticeable. The only issue I’ve had is remembering to shove down the pump tubing so that it’s not sticking up.

I wear dresses a lot in the summer and this has been a bit of an issue for me. I bought a Spibelt and while it works with some outfits, it’s too noticeable with tighter-fitting clothes.

What I really want to do is make a small neoprene pouch for my pump so that when it’s down in my bra it doesn’t get all sweaty and gross.

That’s what I did when I was pumping! I put it with the screen against my skin, the pump between my boobs. I had a slim clip that I would clip to the underwire in the middle. Then I’d tuck the excess tube underneath the underwire part of my bra.

I got a thigh strap fromt & j designs. There’s a picture on their home page.

I wear the spibelt with looser fitting dresses. I also have the Tallyband which I don’t like for a few reasons, but it has a much flatter profile than the spibelt, so I’ll be trying it with dresses this summer too. The whole bra thing doesn’t work for me as for the first time in my life I’ve found a bra brand that fits me perfectly, no room for stuff in the middle. I also recently bought some hot pink shorts at Walgreen’s (they are loose like men’s boxer shorts) to sleep in and I find the pump stays clipped more firmly to them than it does to panties.

hi Mariah (nice to see you!)

here is a discussion with some good replies. let me know if you’d like me find other discussions out there, I know they are there.

Have you tried a thin cotton baby sock?

I have tried just about everything to keep my pump in place without it driving me crazy all day! I finally started wearing a camisole under my dresses and placing my pump in my bra, between my boobs. I don’t use a clip or anything because the tank top is tight enough to hold in place! I love it!

I also found a new option recently which is wearing a 1/2 slip which seems to hold the clip more securely than panties. I tend to move it around to the side when I wear my pump under things, because it shows less that way.

Most excellent idea! I’m going to Target tonight to pick me up some. Thank you!!

My daughter got married in the Fall. When I had my mother of the bride dress alter, I had the seamstress make a pocket on the side of the dress with a button hole inside the pocket. The tubing slide nicely thru the button hole.

when I am shopping for a summer dress I am always happy when there is a pocket.

Try a baby sock… all cotton, no sewing required :slight_smile:

I second this! I love mine and use it every time I wear a dress…never had any problems.