Lady Gaga

I keep hearing Lady gaga is diabetic… Is she?

“No, but her dress is low-carb” drumroll—> canned laughter :slight_smile:

One meat dress and the chick will never live it down. :slight_smile: She’s been diagnosed with Lupus, but I don’t think she’s a diabetic.

Nope, no way!!! LOL!

I admit that it’s pretty difficult to get a cut of skirt steak that can be made into something stylish and low carb. And what kind of hat would one wear with a meat dress?

And just for the record: I LOVE Lady Gaga and all of her little monsters.

a blue bonnet =)

Personally, I’d only wear a Blue Bonnet with a toast dress but I admire your daring. :slight_smile:

Sometime when I get really really hypo, all I can say is “ga-ga ga-ga ga gaaaah” but really I am just asking for some sugar or carbs.