Lakeland Monster Miles 2014 pictures

Well, here's the pic's as promised from this years Lakeland Monster Miles...before I ended up in hospital with DKA which I didn't get pics of :P

Must admit I did enjoy going through that ford. Bike even looked clean at that point. Didn’t last long though!

It was quiet a lovely day around Loweswater. Loved the ride through the woods along the lake shore. Made for a nice ride and bit of time to recover before the final 1200+ ft climb.

The mud was already getting pretty built up by now. I’m still trying to get my shoes clean! My pumps gained a few leaves (and twigs) poking out of it after my excursion through the hedge into the tree. It had also taken to edging it’s way down my arm which I’m blaming on the arm warmers, or me not having it as tight as normal though.

You sure look like you're having fun! Great!

Beautiful pics! Looks like fun.

Through water and then on loose gravel? Ugh! I would have been "testing" the helmet for sure!

Glad you made it through!

And across a moor (no path just peat bog), and down a 6" deep mud path which is where you end up pretty mud up. And fire roads through the forests. While 62 mile isn't far for the sportive, the mixture of terrain really makes up for the shorter distances.