Lancing Areas

My Freestyle instruction booklet shows a number of areas for lancing. I have always lanced in the pads under my thumbs. But yesterday and today, I lanced my thigh. Wow, I feel nothing.The book shows the forarm and calf, as well. I guess this means that it doesnt have to hurt to be effective. What do you think?

Merle Wright

Thumbs, really? I don’t know why, but I’ve always avoided my thumbs. Fingertips all the way.

It’s true that if you suspect you might be low, you should avoid alternate site testing. They say that the numbers are more accurate on the low end when you use your fingers.

I only use my fingers (my arms got all bruised when I tried that), but I use the sides of my finger cause it hurts a lot less on the sides that the pads!