Lancing Device Setting

Silly question - I have an Accucheck Multiclix lancing device. I have it set at a depth of 1. Initially I had it at 1 1/2. I found at the 1 1/2 setting, I was gushing blood, at the 1 setting I have to squeeze my fingers like mad. What do you do - shallower setting and squeeze, or deeper setting and gush?

I have a Mutliclix also. I like it, well as much as I can like any lancing device. Does gushing happen with all your fingers? I prefer gushing to squeezing. Find it frustrating when the blood won’t cooperate.

When I was using the Multiclix I tried to get the combo of shallowest setting/minimal squeezing. For me that was 2 or 3 :slight_smile:

I use another lancing device (B&D) and I’ve found I can fine tune between click settings by varying the pressure I apply against my finger with lancing device. i.e., set it at 1 1/2 and lightly apply, or set it at 1 and press hard. As an aside this post really helped me to learn painless lancing.

I have to tell you, this information from abbott tells you to lance your finger pads. I think that is bad advice. As you note the fingertips have lots of nerves and at least in my case, thick skin. I always lance the sides of my fingers and always avoid the fingertips.

This type of advice gives lancing a bad name.

Yeah, I stick to the edges of my fingertips too. But when the skin starts to crack (been doing this 12 years, 10 times a day) and callous, I’m left with having to do a deeper setting, or use my poor little pinkies. I’m on a 7 setting right now on my lancing device. Using the Medtronic meter from back when I was pumping years ago.

To answer the question at hand, I prefer to gush blood because squeezing my fingertips ends up only hurting more, gets more frustrating (I end up wasting test strips when there isn’t enough blood) and causes bruising