Language can be fun

I have a nephew who is smart and basically great fun. One of those English Majors that Garrison Keillor talks about. Anyway, he posted on his Facebook Page that he is INSOLENCE DEPENDENT Those of you who have read through my posts know that I too am Insolence Dependent and it shows.

Just thought I would share a great pun (a real groaner) and I think that sometimes, in order to get what I need from the medical industrial complex, my Insolence Dependent nature helps.

So I had to refresh my memory of the word by looking it up. Insolent means rude and showing an arrogant lack of respect. This picture communicates the meaning concisely!

Yep, sometimes I have to be the mule - if you recall I have been fighting to keep my pump and meter if admitted to hospital - "they" want to take my devices, use "R" insulin, and be in charge of bg testing (their 4 tests a day ain't gonna do it for me - I prefer 10-15x) h! and they want my CGM too. SO Insolence is gonna have to be the way to go.

I too had to look it up - I wasn't an English Major. I am so just the facts kinda learner that I just couldn't see anything between the lines - you know the stuff university papers are written on. I finally gave up and wrote a paper with a premise that there was nothing between the lines put there by the author - he just had a story to tell. I got a "B" - I think for Bravery...

Yes, I must admit that I'm the mule sometimes, too. If some treatment or diet doesn't make sense to me, I'll dig my heels in. Seems smart to me to have an arrogant lack of respect to a bad idea!

If it is a picture of me...then it's the ■■■ - just ask my family!

Well I am an English major -- or was, to use the correct tense, and I love that expression. It's a bull's eye.

Here's another one you can use when describing obstructionist health care or insurance workers. The beauty of it is that not only is it wonderfully offensive, but it will invariably send them running to the dictionary to find out what you actually said. Then, after they've had to go to the trouble and bother of looking it up, they're TWICE as insulted.

Anyway, the expression is "coprophagous sinecurist".


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Touche! and to the medical industrial complex - I say "En Garde!"

Oh, and "equine fundament" isn't bad, either.

Or the “south end of a north-bound horse.” Witty and intelligent curses are more effective than four-letter invective, funnier, too!

Not only that, they punish the recipient by making them do extra work to figure out what was said . . . which just serves to magnify the effect.


It also leaves them scratching their heads long enough for you to escape.

Well, I'm not sure escape is much of a priority. This is the kind of stuff that you tend to use more in writing than in person.

Censored my post.