Powerful video!



I agree. Very powerful. I do have a simple question. Is there any other disease that has to constantly fight for respect?

Perhaps … high cholesterol, lung disease, heart/vascular disease, …

Perhaps a good example of what the video tries to dissuade?

I wasn’t aware the constant work of diabetes was limited to T1s. I recognize Brian. He’s quite well known as an advocate in the DOC.

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I agree that whether it’s type 1 or type 2, it’s 24/7/365. Neither gets a break or vacation. Both are juggling exercise, medications, diet each and every day. And so sad that both get the shame/blame conventions.
My thinking here is if we work as the very large group we are (all people with diabetes), we will have a bigger, louder voice and we can all help educate people that there is no blame to way any of us have diabetes.
Works matter! And the more we work together the bigger impact we could have!


I forwarded this video on to the social worker who conducts our monthly T1D support group. She responded enthusiastically and she intends to share with the group as well as the medical providers at the clinic.

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Re: comments about the Type 2 person. I know nothing about him. I am Type 2, not because of insulin resistance but because my pancreas is low functioning, but not because of antibodies. I will always use insulin (on TslimX2). So, it is a daily thing of calculations and changes, this is not limited to Type1.