Lantus insulin in the buttocks


Anyone else choose the butt for injecting and are there benefits such as slower absorption ? I am making the thread I would liked to have found 3 months ago when I did not like doing the 20 unit injection in my abdomen and did not know if the butt area was O.K

It works, its the only place that I have any real fat. I stay on the outside parts so I don’t sit on the injection site. Left right left rotation.

Lantus works better injected into fatty tissue. If the buttocks has more fat, you’ll probably get better results.

I was such a nervous wreck the first few weeks and did not know how to eat I coulden’t tell what difference it made.

It was just so much easier to inject in the butt. It took much less effort to overcome the reflexive instinct to not poke myself with a sharp object in the butt cheek compared to the abdomen.

I use the butt, I always have.