Lantus is working

After dealing with Type II for 13 yrs using pills,Byetta and other means to trick the body,for the last two days I've begun using Lantus. Giving the body what it needs seems to be the way to go at this pt.Stellar results so far. Morning reading was 113 which I haven't seen in yrs. I did get down to 69 at 2:00AM but remedied that with some glucose tablets.
Tonight before bedtime,I'll chug a Glucerna shake that should get me through the night. Glypizide XL is gone now and all I'm taking is 2500mg of Metformin. So far I'm very pleased.
I've never seen an A1C over 7.8%,but would like to get it down to 5.5% or so.

I was A1C 9.5 when U found this site and got serious. I take Labtus. I watch my carbs very closely. I have made it to 85. Reed

If you keep having 2:00 a.m. lows, talk to your MD about splitting your Lantus and taking half the dose every 12 hours.

Thanks. The Glipize XL should be exiting also. I'm hopeful that one injection/daily will work out. I injected Btetta previously 2x day and am loving only one hole a day.