Lantus Solostar pens for anyone who needs them

I was switched from Lantus to Toujeo some months ago, and both my endocrinologist and I have decided that the change was for the better. I have 3 300u pens left of the Lantus, expiration not until 3/2020.

The box has been opened, so the product is considered to be used, or unclean, or something. The pens have not been opened, and have been refrigerated since got them. Please, if you use this insulin, send me your name and address and I’ll mail the pens to you. I even have a cold pack and insulation from the last insulin order that was shipped to me, if you’d like it packed that way.

I hope someone can use this - I know how expensive this stuff is if it’s not completely covered, or covered at all. Write me at machiya at rdrop dot com.


We do not allow exchange of medical items on this forum. There is a Facebook page where you can exchange such items. It is a kindly thought, but our terms and conditions do not allow this.

So many ways to not be able to do good. Do you know the name of the Facebook group?


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The FB group I’ve used for trading and/or giving away diabetes supplies is the Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Support Group. They were formerly known with a “pay it forward” in the group name. Apparently Facebook was cracking down on this activity. It’s a closed group but it’s easy to join.

It’s worth saving for yourself just for an emergency backup also.

Thanks. As the whole group has already seen, forbidden post or not, I already have a taker. I will make a note of the group in case I have illicit offerings in the future.