Lantus verdict (May Cause Cancer)

Well if it starts giving people tumors that turn into cancer they will be taking it off the market,like the study suggests… Baycol had been on the market for a while before they had enough findings that it was killing people… So give it time and wait and see, there just might be a comparison.

Seems to me just a BS reaction to studies that the article admits are inconclusive. Non-analog insulins ar not without their drawbacks/side-effects. It used to be natural for people to die of old age at 50–for various reasons including cancer—and diabeteics died much younger. We are still faring much better than that…I’ll take my chances till something better comes along (I take levemir–started before the pumpand use when have to be off the pump)

Nothing is ever going to be perfect or without risk. Each person must see how their body reacts to different medications and go from there…

I agree… After all, where would we all be if there was no insulin to inject…
or as a type 2 , Krispy Kreams for that matter.

It would be difficult to prove. Finding a link to my cancer has been next to impossible. I am a vegetarian with no family history of colon cancer and have tested negative for all the genetic links. It does make me wonder…

I wrote an article in my blog about this same issue.

It seems like this is an old argument that is resurfacing just now.

More information here


Author of D and The Guy

I wrote an article in my blog about this same issue.

It seems like this is an old argument that is resurfacing just now.

More information here


Author of D and The Guy

It’s just a heads up. Don’t worry too much. Almost everything these days causes some form of cancer eventually… so I’ve found. For a suggestion, I haven’t SEEN anything bad about Levemir, if anyone wants to talk to their endo about that. Basically is the same drug as Lantus.

I was on Lantus two years ago, but switched to Levemir due to BG complications on Lantus.
Good luck!

me too dino me too :frowning:

haha aside from the fun marble talk your profile pic is absolutely hilarious Anna, you put a big smile on my face this morning :slight_smile:

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oh man, this is not the best news…or the worst incidentally, but it does add some fear to my daily injections of lantus. sheesh like we don’t have enough to worry about these days.

It is VERY, VERY, VERY important for everyone to consider this:
People needing insulin do not stop taking their insulin. You should see your doctor for advice before considering any change to your treatment.

For more comments on this, read Amy Tenderich’s post about it:

My doctor switched me off of Lantus today. Given that I am currently dealing with colon cancer, he thought it would be a good idea stop using Lantus in case the continuing studies prove that there is in fact a link to cancer.

“there are multiple studies which will possibly be published in two medical journals. He doesn’t know when. Kliff said his source claims the reports will show evidence of a link between Lantus and colon cancer…” "Our sources have indicated that the data is compelling,"…

I have being trying to avoid this cause I’m on Lantus. Now I’m gonna phone the team tomorrow and find out what they think. Hopefully they will not dismiss me, hopefully I will be put on Levemir. Anyone know if it’s available in Ireland ? Will google now.

I really do not want to switch to NPH. I asked my doc about levemir and he said it is similar to Lantus being an analog insulin. He said it would not make any sense to switch to it.

until told otherwise i’m going to keep taking lantus, what other choice do most of us have. It does help my sugars and the only bad side effect is low blood sugar… I think we need more information before anything drastic is done.

If you had cancer right now with no family history, how do you think you would feel when you heard reports that suggest a link between Lantus and cancer. Do you think you was be as quick to dismiss them?



Soon as I heard about this I thought of you & what you’ve been through. Read your other post also. Sorry your doctor is being obstinate about changing to Levemir. Aside from this latest info, I did much better on Levemir than Lantus. Rather foolish, I think, to say they’re similar when people clearly react differently to different brands of basal & rapid acting. For all we know, Levemir may end up having cancer links as well, but am sorry that your doctor wasn’t sensitive to your concerns.

I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on, about what I’m injecting into my body.(Lantus/24U) Allie’s Voice had an article about “What’s in your insulin” I Googled Lantus vs. Levimer. Lantus is produced in a vat of e-coli. Levimer is produced in a vat of yeast. Then they’re purified,etc.,etc. There are carcinogenic agents in the insulin,too.(maybe as preservatives and stabilizers) I was just in a discussion tonight about which is worse… ingesting chemicals or injecting chemicals. Pick your poison! Since 2005, I have been working feverishly to get off insulin. I understand from many different sources, that it IS possible. I fear that the longer I’m on it, the less my body will do on it’s own, to heal itself and get stronger and/or that I’m causing permanent damage with these chemicals. I’m in search of a new endo. who will hopefully help me achieve my goal. I’ managing my own diabetes and he’s there to guide me through the science part.
Allie’s voice is a great source for insulin information. She’s keen on getting someone to start producing safe, natural animal insulin.(again) Read all you can, get a good endo. and manage the heck out of your diabetes. Then we’ll all have success stories we can take to the authorities,who reign over the industry part of it! There’s my 2 cents worth!

honestly with no insurance or regular doc and the fact i get my medicine free through sanofi aventis…
nothing my hands are tied